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Welcome to the Income Club Blog

Here you will find discussion on the latest income opportunities. This includes Daily Industry News, New Program Launches, Program Reviews and Live Chat. Join our Newsletter and receive the latest updates sent to your email address. The Income Club Blog is updated daily.

Daily News for July 24

Dollar Monsters launched tonight and the launch was a huge failure.  I predicted a failure of a launch yesterday and this was one of those times I was hoping to be wrong in my prediction.

To start off the admin is trying to run this script from a shared web server.  These scripts need a lot of resources and you can not run them from a cheap hosting account.  You need at least a VPS server to run a script like this.

During the first hour of  launch people had trouble logging in.  No one was able to purchase as the admin never enabled the purchasing of the packages.  Finally after two hours the first line package was enabled.  STP and EgoPay were never configured in the script.  Only PayPal was partially working.  It was working enough for funds to be transferred to the admin’s PayPal account but you never received any positions that you purchased.  This was a real mess.  Only the admin was able to purchase positions.

To make things worse the admin was no where to be found.  No email updates were sent by the admin.  Even in the site chat room the admin never bothered to show up.  The admin gave everyone the impression that she does not care about her site or the members.

This had to be the most horrible launch that I have seen in any program.


Teamwork Matrix is going to do a relaunch of the matrix.  It will relaunch tomorrow at 11 PM EST.    The admin is asking everyone to refund any matrix position payments that you have received.  If you have not received your refund try to contact the person that you have sent a matrix payment.  They need to refund you.

There may be sponsors that are not team players and that will refuse to refund your payment.  If you are unlucky enough to have joined with a sponsor that refuses you refund you then you may wish to decide not to join this sponsor again in future programs.  In a relaunch everyone is required to refund.

Only matrix payments need to be refunded.  There is no relaunch in the straight line cycler.


Zukul is a new program that will be launching on August 1.  The program launch will be a huge success as hundreds or perhaps thousands of members are joining.   Today I setup a private facebook group for our Zukul Team where we will be working together as a team.

Zukul offers a broad range of Affiliate Marketing tools such as custom lead capture pages, banner creator, autoresponder, etc…  Many people that have left LSN will be joining Zukul.

Zukul offers many ways to earn from earning in a funnel to earning affiliate commissions.  The biggest commissions will be coming from the Passive Funnel and 50% Matching Bonuses.  The Passive Funnel works the same way as a 3×10 forced matrix.  You earn commissions on everyone that is placed in your funnel no matter how they were placed there.  This allows everyone to earn including people that wish to earn passively.  The 50% matching bonuses will be huge for people that refer others into the program.  You earn 50% of what each of your referrals earn.

In our back office you can see your projected earnings.  As of today my Zukul projected earnings show $8900 per month.  This is quite impressive for a program that went into a early pre-launch less than a week ago.

The cost will be only $50 per month for the Intermediate Plan.  No payments are due at this time.    Members can pay for their positions on August 1.  Credit Cards and Debit Cards will be accepted.   You will be paid through a I-PAYOUT account.

That is all for now and look forward to my next update.


Daily News for July 23

Dollar Monsters is scheduled to launch tomorrow.   I think this is the 4th time the admin has rescheduled the launch.  On the last update the admin stated that the program would launch at 12 PM EST.   All day today the timer on the site showed a … [Continue reading]

Daily News for July 17

Dollar Monsters was scheduled to launch today.  The launch has been rescheduled for July 22.  The reason for this delay is that they are waiting for Payza Approval and some final database changes. Dollar Monsters is a Cycler where you earn 200% … [Continue reading]

Daily News for July 16

Dollar Monsters is scheduled to launch on July 17 at 12 PM EST.   The program is a Cycler where you double your earnings when you cycle.  This is slightly different than a straight line cycler. There is no referring in order to earn.  The … [Continue reading]

Daily News for July 14

Teamwork Matrix will be launching on July 18.  This will be a new M2M program from the same admin that created the successful program The Teamwork Project.  This will be very huge as thousands of people will be joining. There are two different … [Continue reading]

Daily News for July 7

LSN has been a huge disappointment for members that purchased the Pro Membership for $100 per month.  The company advertised this plan with one referral you can earn $1000 per month.  The matrix is so messed up that members are seeing negative … [Continue reading]

Daily News for July 2

SpinDing will be doing a relaunch!  SpingDing as of June 1 created a 3x10 forced matrix.  They announced that the matrix would be created in timestamp order based on the time that you joined SpingDing.  Everyone was told this would create massive … [Continue reading]

Daily News for June 29 launched today and it stalled during its first hour of launch.  This does not surprise me as I have given my warnings about this program on my weekly report last week.  Hopefully you did not join. The program is a company … [Continue reading]

Daily News for June 12

AdzPays is a new Revenue Share program that will be launching sometime next week.   This is the same admin that ran a very successful revenue share program known as JubyAdShare.   Here is a video that shows the compensation … [Continue reading]

Daily News for June 11

SpingDing had an important call last night to discuss the matrix.  It seems the positions where given preference to keeping teams together and that the date you joined SpinDing was only a small factor.  Many members feel that the admin lied to … [Continue reading]