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Welcome to the Income Club Blog

Here you will find discussion on the latest income opportunities. This includes Daily Industry News, New Program Launches, Program Reviews and Live Chat. Join our Newsletter and receive the latest updates sent to your email address. The Income Club Blog is updated daily.

Daily News for Oct 21

I get a lot of new program announcements sent to me daily.  Sometimes as much as one or two dozen each day.  I carefully examine each program and only announce the programs that I feel are quality programs.

Early this morning I was shown a new company forced cycler program called Revetrix.  Its a company forced cycler but there were some issues that I was concerned about.  The program description did not go into detail on how positions would be placed on the day of launch.

In any company forced program it is important to purchase one of the top positions or you may not do well.  I wanted to make sure that positions were placed correctly in order of purchasing.  All day I had numerous conversations with the admin.  I believe that Revetrix will do well as long as there are a lot of people that join.  Each purchase is time stamped and people will be placed into the cycler matrix in the correct order.

Revetrix will be launching on Oct 27 and is a Company Forced Straight Line Cycler.  There are 3 separate lines that use a 3×1 matrix.  For every 3 positions purchased the next person in line cycles out and earns.

Each position costs $5 and you earn over $60 cycling through the 3 lines.   Every new purchase starts in Line 1.  They are as follows:

Silver Line One
You earn $6
You receive a $1 matching bonus
You receive a free entry into Silver Line Two

Silver Line Two
You earn $14
You receive a $1 matching bonus
You receive a free entry into Silver Line Three

Silver Line Three
You earn $35
You receive a $5 matching bonus
You receive a free re-entry into Silver Line One


In order to earn you must first purchase an advertising package.  The package that you select will determine how long your positions earn.  If your advertising package expires you can just purchase a new package and then you can continue to earn.

These are the 4 advertising packages:

Standard Package cost $12.50
You Get 2 Ad Positions plus Unlimited right to earn for all your Active Ad Positions for 7 days

Premium Package cost $25.00
You Get 4 Ad Positions plus Unlimited right to earn for all your Active Ad Positions for 14 days

Business Package cost $57.50
You Get 10 Ad Positions plus Unlimited right to earn for all your Active Ad Positions for 21 days

Elite Package cost $215.00
You Get 40 Ad Positions plus Unlimited right to earn for all your Active Ad Positions for 28 days


Revetrix will launch on Oct 27 at 9 am EST.  You may join now and deposit your funds in getting ready for the launch.


RevShare Advertising is a new Revenue Share site that will be launching on Oct 23.  This will be a big launch as over 1600 people have pre-registered for this launch.

There are two ways that you can earn.  You can earn from a Daily Earner and from a Revenue Share.  Both plans cost $10 each and you earn back 150%.  Both plans have a 25% repurchase rule.

The Daily Earner will be the first plan to launch.  It has a 3% to 4% daily cap.  You are required to purchase positions into this plan before you can purchase into the revenue share.

The Revenue Share will be launched after the Daily Earner.  This is the plan that everyone wants to be part of.  95% of all the deposits are shared every hour with all active ad packs.  These plans usually earn very quickly.

RevShare Advertising will launch on Oct 23.  You can join now and deposit your funds.


Click Ads Pay has grown so quickly they are presently moving to a larger server.  The move may have already taken place by the time that you read this update.

Click Ads Pay is the most successful revenue share program that is presently online.  The cost of each ad pack is only $5 and you keep earning every 30 minutes until you earn back 125%.  The success of this program has been to the huge advertising sales.  All ad sales are included with the revenue that is shared.  The admin has been doing an excellent job with this program.


BitCoin Cycler is presently  in a Founder Member launch.  The program officially launches on Nov 4.  The admin has informed me today the Income Club Team is the fastest growing team in the program.  Our team has over 25 founder members and is growing daily.

The cost to join as a Founder Member is a one time fee of $250.  This places you in a 2×3 Board.  Each time you cycle this board you earn the following:

- You earn $1000.
- You receive a $300 Bitcoin Mining Contract.
- You receive a free re-entry back into the 2×3 board.

The earnings in this program will exceed most of the programs that I have announced.  Our team cycled 3 times last week and we will be cycling again this week.

The $1000 cycler earnings can only be withdrawn by bank wire until the program launches on Nov 4.  Then you will be able to withdraw your $1000 commissions to your payment processor.  You earn this $1000 commission each time you cycle.

While these $1000 commissions sound impressive this is only a small part of your earnings.  Each time you cycle you earn a $300 Bitcoin Mining Contract.

These mining contracts will bring in huge earnings.  At the present time these contracts are generating 7% weekly income.  So for each $300 contract you will be earnings $21 per week.  The contracts last for one year so this would come to $1052 per year.  You can compound your weekly earnings.  If you do compound your earnings will be huge.  We will see people on our team earnings in excess of $100,000 in Bitcoin revenue within 2 years.

I have been told that 100% passive plans will be added.

You can join our Bitcoin Founder Member team by filling out a short form.  I will then send you instructions on how to become a founder member.

That is all for now and look forward to my next update.


Daily News for Oct 16

BitCoins seems to be the future.  Not only will BitCoins become the most popular e-currency but you will now see it available offline.   There are many retailers and online stores that are now accepting BitCoins.  You can even make Amazon … [Continue reading]

Daily News for Oct 14

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Daily News for Oct 8

I have not posted very much over the past week.  I have been very busy designing and building a Team Site for Race Cycler.  This will be the most successful Team Build that I have created for any program. I hope to open the site by the end of this … [Continue reading]

Daily News for Oct 1

Race Cycler is exploding .  The company has paid out over $1 Million in commissions.  People are cycling daily.  Yesterday I seen 4 of our team members cycle into the Grand National Board.  This is the board that pays out the big $2000 in … [Continue reading]

Daily News for Sept 30

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Daily News for Sept 29

This week looks very good for Income Opportunities. Fortune25 is a new program that will be launching tomorrow at 3 PM EST.   This is a real opportunity that is offering a real product.  I have known this admin for a long time and he will run … [Continue reading]

Daily News for Sept 15

Race Cycler has paid out $1 Million in commissions.  This is amazing since the program launched only 30 days ago.    This is one of those rare opportunities that will be here for several years. The cost to join Race Cycler is only $230.  This … [Continue reading]

Daily News for Sep 4

Race Cycler has added Payza today.  You can now join Race Cycler with STP or Payza.  When you use Payza you can deposit funds using a Visa Card.  The cost to upgrade is a one time cost of $230. When you pay the $230 fee you are placed in the … [Continue reading]

Daily News for Sep 3

Race Cycler is getting ready to explode.  This program will be so large that it would break most banks.  Nearly $100 Million in deposits is expected to be generated in this program before the end of this year.  This will be the largest program … [Continue reading]