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Welcome to the Income Club Blog

Here you will find discussion on the latest income opportunities. This includes Daily Industry News, New Program Launches, Program Reviews and Live Chat. Join our Newsletter and receive the latest updates sent to your email address. The Income Club Blog is updated daily.

Daily News for Nov 17

There will be a swarm of new Revenue Sharing programs launching this week.   I believe as many as 7 to 10 new programs.  This is not good for the industry and I will not be announcing any of these programs.  The reason for this is that revenue share programs need a lot of purchases.  With so many revenue sharing programs launching there will not be enough deposits in any one of these programs to be successful.  It would be better to stay with the programs that are doing well.

The top two revenue sharing programs are Ad Share Net and Click Ad Pays.   Both programs are run by good admins and they are doing very well.  I see big earnings each day in both of these programs.

The only new revenue share program that you should consider joining is DigAdz.   This program will break all records for new memberships than any other revenue sharing programs that I have seen for a long time.  So far 8500 people have pre-registered for this new program.  The site is very close to completed and will be launching real soon.  It may launch as early as next week.

While I have not seen details of the compensation plan I do know it will be an extension of AdBonuz.  I was told before I made the announcement that DigAdz  will have features that were unable to be put into AdBonuz.  I expect DigAdz to be one of the best revenue share programs that has ever been launched in a long time.  If you are looking for a passive program then DigAdz will be the program that you will want to join.

UnisonWealth will be another very good program for people that want to join a passive program.   The launch date has been changed.  It will now launch on Nov 24 at 10 am EST.  The admin will be adding Payza and needs the extra time to get Payza to approve the site.

It was reported today that some big teams will be joining the program as soon as Payza has been added.  Expect to see more than 1000 people by the time it launches.

Unison Wealth will be setting a new standard for subscription based company forced matrix programs.  This will be the first time in this type of program where your positions will keep on earning even if your subscriptions expire for lack of funds.

The cost of each position is $2.  Each day $2 will be deducted from your subscription wallet and purchase you a new position in a 4×1 company forced matrix.  There are 5 levels to earn where each $2 position earns back $103.

Unison Wealth will be a very good program for people that want to earn without referring anyone.

Xtreme Pro System is a new company forced matrix program that launched yesterday.  The cost of each position is $45 and you will earn $300 cycling a 3×2 company forced matrix.  You are not limited to just one position.  You may purchase as many positions as you desire.  Each position will earn $300 when you cycle.  There are no re-entries.  You only earn one time.

Xtreme Pro System includes some very good products.  This includes your own blogging platform and a series of PLR products that you can resell.  This is not the useless ebooks that you see in other programs.  These are good products.

Bitcoin Cycler is starting to take off for big earnings.  I have already cycled twice and earned $2000 plus $600 in Bitcoin Mining Contracts.  It looks like I will be cycling a third time this week for another $1000 and $300 Bitcoin Mining Contract.  This will be a total of $3000 in earnings plus $900 in Bitcoin Mining Contracts.

Things are going so well in Bitcoin Cycler that I am in the process of extending our PIF Program.  At the present time the PIF Program was only open to my referrals.  I will now be extending it to anyone in our team downline.   A lot of boards are filling and this is the time to expand our PIF Program.

Within the next week or so our team will be launching an Ad Co-Op for Bitcoin Cycler.  We will be using a high converting lead capture pages that are tied to a Sales Funnel.  Everyone in the Ad Co-Op will be placed in a Team Rotator and will receive the same number of signups.

Bitcoin Cycler costs a one time purchase of $250.  Each time you cycle you earn $1000 plus a $250 Bitcoin Mining Contract.  You then receive a re-entry to earn again.

That is all for now and look forward to my next update.


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