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Welcome to the Income Club Blog

Here you will find discussion on the latest income opportunities. This includes Daily Industry News, New Program Launches, Program Reviews and Live Chat. Join our Newsletter and receive the latest updates sent to your email address. The Income Club Blog is updated daily.

Daily News for Sept 30

Fortune25 has launched today.  This is an amazing program with an amazing compensation plan to match.  Members on our team have already earned back their subscription fee.  Some have earned as much as 6 times  their subscription fee.  Today is only the first day.

I was told today that some big leaders will be coming into the program and inviting their teams next week.  This is a perfect time to join and get placed ahead of these new members joining.

The compensation plan is well thought out.  The cost is $29.95 and this places you into 2 payment centers.  One payment center is a 3×7 Company Forced Matrix and the other payment center is a 2×2 regular forced matrix.

The 3×7 Company Forced Matrix does not require any referring.  You are placed in the first open position in a 3×7 matrix.  You earn as new positions are placed beneath you in the 3×7 matrix.

The 2×2 matrix has 4 levels known as Silver, Gold, Diamond and Platinum.    Each of these have 3 levels.  All together there are 12 2×2 matrices that you can cycle.  You start off on the Silver Matrix Level 1.

These are not traditional 2×2 matrices.  In a traditional 2×2 matrix you need to wait until you cycle in order to earn.  That is not the case in Fortune25.  You earn as positions are getting paid beneath your position in the matrix.

For instance, in the Silver Matrix Level 1 you earn $2.50 for each position filling on the first matrix row and $1.25 for each position filled in the second matrix row.  Your total earnings is $10 and then you receive a free entry into the next matrix.  As you advance to a higher matrix your earnings increase for the matrix.  You can earn as much as $1000 per position that is filled in your matrix.

You can earn in the 2×2 matrix without referring anyone.  I have received reports from our team today that they have seen spillovers into their matrix.

The cost to join Fortune25 is $29.95.  You can pay with STP and EgoPay.  Payza may be coming soon.  The earning potential can be huge.


Race Cycler added PayPal yesterday and there is a lot of new activity in the boards.  More members in our team have entered the Grand National Board.  When these members cycle they will be earning $2000 in commissions.

Race Cycler is moving into the correct direction and is seeing growth.  They are offering a free cruise for people that refer 10 or more people.  They are now selling Race Cycler shirts for $20.  The company is growing and expanding.

We will now see massive movement in the program with the addition of PayPal.  Our team is seeing movement and our team is getting noticed.  Today I received an email to be a guest speaker on one of the Race Cycler calls.

Race Cycler has paid out $1 Million in commissions.  I will be creating a Race Cycler Team Site for our team members.  Each member that has already joined will be placed in a Team Rotator to receive new referrals.

That is all for now and look forward to my next update.

Daily News for Sept 29

This week looks very good for Income Opportunities. Fortune25 is a new program that will be launching tomorrow at 3 PM EST.   This is a real opportunity that is offering a real product.  I have known this admin for a long time and he will run … [Continue reading]

Daily News for Sept 15

Race Cycler has paid out $1 Million in commissions.  This is amazing since the program launched only 30 days ago.    This is one of those rare opportunities that will be here for several years. The cost to join Race Cycler is only $230.  This … [Continue reading]

Daily News for Sep 4

Race Cycler has added Payza today.  You can now join Race Cycler with STP or Payza.  When you use Payza you can deposit funds using a Visa Card.  The cost to upgrade is a one time cost of $230. When you pay the $230 fee you are placed in the … [Continue reading]

Daily News for Sep 3

Race Cycler is getting ready to explode.  This program will be so large that it would break most banks.  Nearly $100 Million in deposits is expected to be generated in this program before the end of this year.  This will be the largest program … [Continue reading]

Daily News for Sep 1

Today is the first day of September.  This is the time of year when people are done with vacations and are ready to make some serious money online.  This is also the time of the year you will be some of the better quality programs launching.  We … [Continue reading]

Daily News for Aug 6

This will be a huge month for new program launches.  I have never seen so many programs launch in a single month as we will see this month.  I am not speaking about fast money games.  I am talking about good quality programs that you will want to … [Continue reading]

Daily News for July 30

Dollar Monsters went into a soft launch about 2 days ago.   During the soft launch only PayPal and STP were accepted.  Tomorrow the program fully launches.  To my surprise it looks like the admin will be able to launch this site successfully.  I … [Continue reading]

Daily News for July 24

Dollar Monsters launched tonight and the launch was a huge failure.  I predicted a failure of a launch yesterday and this was one of those times I was hoping to be wrong in my prediction. To start off the admin is trying to run this script from a … [Continue reading]

Daily News for July 23

Dollar Monsters is scheduled to launch tomorrow.   I think this is the 4th time the admin has rescheduled the launch.  On the last update the admin stated that the program would launch at 12 PM EST.   All day today the timer on the site showed a … [Continue reading]