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Welcome to the Income Club Blog

Here you will find discussion on the latest income opportunities. This includes Daily Industry News, New Program Launches, Program Reviews and Live Chat. Join our Newsletter and receive the latest updates sent to your email address. The Income Club Blog is updated daily.

Daily News for July 17

Dollar Monsters was scheduled to launch today.  The launch has been rescheduled for July 22.  The reason for this delay is that they are waiting for Payza Approval and some final database changes.

Dollar Monsters is a Cycler where you earn 200% on your purchases.    You can deposit between $1 to $100.   When your position earns 200% you cycle and earn.


Teamwork Matrix will be launching on July 18 at 10 PM EST.  I expect to see a very successful launch as a lot of people are joining this program.  More than 1000 members have already pre-registered and this may double by the time it launches.

This is a Member-to-Member program.  You do not pay the admin and you do not request a withdrawal.  When you purchase a position you will be assigned a member to pay.  You then manually send the payment using one of the chosen payment processors.  The person receiving the payment needs to approve your payment.  Once approved you will receive your position.

The same procedure is followed when members start sending you payments.  Once you receive a payment you will need to log into your back office and approve the payment.  Please do this quickly as these members are waiting for your approval.  They will not receive a position until you approve the payment.

There are two parts to this opportunity.  You earn in a 3×3 matrix and you earn in a single line cycler.  No referring is needed to earn in either.  It only costs $10 to get started in the matrix and the cycler.

The matrix will be where the big earnings will be seen.   A completed matrix earns back $69,000.  This is team forced.  I will be pushing down new people joining our team to fill your matrix.

The cycler will start off as fast earnings.  There are 5 lines to choose from to from $10 to $150.   You earn back 200% as you cycle.

Teamwork Matrix can be a very successful program as long as you setup your payment processors as soon as you join.   This way new members can pay you quickly.  Please remember to approve the payments as soon as you receive them.  This will make the process run very smoothly.


Centum20 will most likely be my top program for this year and years to follow.  This a MLM program that has a product that is in the biggest demand today – Weight Loss.  It will be launching in August.

Many MLM programs fail when they have a product that people are not interested in.  The people only join for the compensation plan.  Since people are not interested in the product the MLM program has a short lif span.

You will not see that here.  Centum20 has an exclusive North American license to market the product known as Essentia 120.  You sprinkle this product on your food and it removes up to 30% of the fat.  This removed fat will not be absorbed in your body.  People using this product will notice  weight loss every week.

The product does work and a member of our team has proven it.  He created a video in his kitchen showing how the fat is removed.  Take a look at this video…

As you can see the fat is dropping to the bottom of the glass as soon as Essentia 120 is sprinkled on to the oil.  This is exactly what your body will be doing.  It will be removing the fat before it is absorbed into your body.

As you can see that everyone will want this product.  They will be purchasing the product every month.  I expect this program to be running for as long as Monia Via and some of the other big MLM programs where people are purchasing the product.  The good news is that you are coming in at the beginning.

Centum20 has a very good compensation plan.  Everyone that joins is placed after you in a single line.  I have more than 3000 people in my straight line downline and I am seeing over 100 people added daily.  I will most likely have over 5000 in my downline by the time it launches.

Here is a summary of the Compensation Plan…

1. Retail Sales – Sell the product online.

2. Fast Start Bonuses – Earn up to $300 per signup.

3. $100 one time qualification bonus.

4. 8-Generation uni-level commissions paying 39%.

5. Revenue Sharing Pools paying 12%

6. Reward bonuses paying up to $50,000.

The autoship for the product is less than $60 per month in where you receive 90 packets of the Essentia 120 product.

Centum20 launches first week in August.  Only people from the US and Canada are accepted at this time.

That is all for now and look forward to my next update.


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