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Daily News for Apr 17, 2014

The better online opportunities usually require you to invite at least 2 people in order to earn.  This is how the program grows in order to pay the commissions.   I try to help as many people as possible in getting those referrals.  Today I will be listing the programs in where I am helping you get those referrals.

But first I want to show you a Downline Community that I joined a few months ago.  Its called 2Konnect.   90% of the people that join MLM or Network Marketing programs do not refer other members and they never earn money.  2Konnect has solved that problem and is very successful.

2Konnect is a  downline community that will help you build your downline.  This downline stays with you with every opportunity the community shares with you.   You will never need to refer new people into these programs.  Your downline is already built for you.

2Konnect will be presenting to its members 40 MLM and Network Marketing programs.  These are all quality programs.  So far the company has released 3 of these programs to the membership.  This is how the process works…

- The company will announce when a new program is available.

- You can look at complete details on the company and the compensation plan.

- If you decide to join you will be placed in a holding queue.

- Each member joins the program in order based on their downline position.  This allows no one to jump over each other.  Your same downline follows you in all of the programs that you join.

2Konnect is a membership program and there are member fees and several membership packages to choose from.  It is recommended that you have 2 referrals in the 2Konnect Program.  These will be your referrals that will join under you in all of the programs that you join.

The membership package that you should join is the Executive Member package for $59.95 per month.  2Konnect will find you 2 referrals at this membership level.  After you receive your 2 referrals you can downgrade to the Citizen Member level where you only need to pay $19.95 per month.

There is normally a startup fee of $39.95.  I have a special promo code where you do not need to pay this startup fee.  The promo code is bdayfreesetup.  With this special promo code you will only need to pay $59.95 when you join.  This is worth every penny as you will be earning in every MLM and Network Marketing program that you join through the service.

People joining 2Konnect will be able to join up to 40 MLM or Network Marketing programs without the fear of having to refer people into these programs.  The community is building your downline for you.  This is a perfect opportunity for the 90% of the people that do not refer others into programs.

Now on to the programs where I am helping you with referrals…

SpinDing is on the top of my list.  Members on our team have  earned as much as $5000 or more in cycling commissions.  Everyone on our team has been placed in a Team Rotator using the domain join-and-earn.net.  Anyone joining using this link will be placed under a member in our team.

This past week I have stared a SpinDing PIF List.  People that are not yet members in SpinDing can be PIF into the program for Free.     This has become very popular and I have processed over 50 PIF members this week.

MIG Training Network is another program which I have created a Team Rotator.  You can earn $1500 or more per month.  You passup your 2nd and 4th referral up to your sponsor.  Your referrals will be passing up their 2nd and 4th referral back to you.  You earn $50 – $100 – $200 commissions from each of your tagged referrals every month.  With the passups your referrals just keep on multiplying.

Everyone on our MIG Team is placed in our Team Rotator using the domain join-and-earn.com.  Anyone joining this link will be placed under a member on our team.  This gets our team their starting referrals and the process of referral duplication is working.

You need to make 2 payments in order to join the business opportunity at MIG Training Network.  There is a $24.95 admin fee and a $50 product fee.  Your total cost is $74.95 per month.  With this cost you will receive $50 commissions from every referral that is tagged to you each month.  You can then earn commissions on the $100 and $200 products.  Our Team Rotator will help you get your starting referrals.  Members on our team have earned as much as $300 or more during their first month.

NatraGood is a new MLM program that just recently launched.    The company sells weight loss, health and energy products.  These are good products as I am using them myself.  Since I am on the computer 16 hours per day I need all the energy I can get.  These products really help me get through the day.

NatraGood has the best compensation plan that I have ever seen in any MLM program.  They use a unique Linear Plan.  You earn commissions on people that purchase the product after you.  This is done through 20 separate lines.  You earn commissions from all of these lines.   It is nearly impossible for anyone not to earn in this program.

You earn 2.5% commission on every sale in your Linear Organization.  This comes to about $2 per sale.  Members earn between 100 to 100,000 people in their Linear Organization.  The number of people in your Linear Organization is depended on your level.  Even on the lowest level you can earn $200 per month.  This far exceeds your $60 per month product cost.

In order to earn commissions in NatraGood you need to refer at least 1 person into the program.  I have setup a special Team Rotator to help our team get 1 to 3 referrals.  Only a small number of people are placed in the rotator at a time.  Once I see that you are all setup to earn the big commissions I then place the next set of members into the Team Rotator.  This allows me to help the people that need help.

One Line Online launched on April 1.  This is Network Marketing program in the Green Energy Business.  You earn by Shares and in Bonus Pools.   They have a very good Business Opportunity where you can earn without referring anyone.

In order to be in the Business Opportunity you need to purchase a resell license that costs 30 EUR ($42 USD) per year.  Then you must purchase a Membership.  The amount you earn is based on your Membership Level.  Membership costs start at 100 EUR ($142 USD).  You can advance to higher memberships by referring others or by paying an upgrade fee.  If you choose to pay the upgrade fee no referring is needed.  This is what makes this program unique compared to other Network Marketing programs.  You can buy your way in to any level.

Everyone on our team that purchases a membership will be placed in a Team Rotator that will launch on May 1.  I will be helping each member get to the Master Membership level.  At this level your earnings will exceed $10,000 per month.

One Line Online is a very unique opportunity where everyone will earn.  You can earn by referring others or you can earn by buying your way up to the higher levels.  In either case everyone is guaranteed to earn a residual income in a real business.

That is all for now and look forward to my next update.


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