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Welcome to the Income Club Blog

Here you will find discussion on the latest income opportunities. This includes Daily Industry News, New Program Launches, Program Reviews and Live Chat. Join our Newsletter and receive the latest updates sent to your email address. The Income Club Blog is updated daily.

Daily News for Dec 30

We are getting towards the end of 2014 and will soon be entering 2015.  January will be a big month for some top income opportunities.  Some programs like DigAdz and Xtreme Wealth Systems will have completed their server changes.  Several new programs will be launching.   Something very big will be launching next month and I will talk about it next week.  January will be a very big month for earning.

Our Team Facebook Group now has over 1000 subscribers.   I am using the Facebook Group for announcing new programs and for discussion of these programs.   You can visit our Team Facebook Group at


The Launch of the Val Smyth Program has been delayed until after Jan 1.  Val decided it would best best to launch after the Christmas and New Years holidays as some people will still be traveling.  I will announce the new launch date soon.

The Val Smyth program is a new Network Marketing program where you can earn from 2 income sources.  You earn from a 2×10 team forced matrix and from a Reverse 2-Up Passup System.  You earn from both of these at the same time.   This will be a long term program with huge earning potential.  This program will most likely be placed on my Top Pick List.

In the 2×10 team forced matrix you earn $1 per month for every person that is placed in your matrix.  Since this is a team forced matrix there should be plenty of spillovers.  A complete matrix earns $2048 per month.

While the earnings from the matrix are impressive the earnings from the passup system will be much larger.    In this passup system you will passup to your sponsor your 2nd and 4th referrals.  You keep your 1st, 3rd, 5th referral and every referral beyond your 5th referral.

Each of your referrals will passup their 2nd and 4th referral to you.  The same happens to the passup referrals.  They will passup their 2nd and 4th referral to you.  These multiplying referrals continue to infinity.

You will earn $45 for each of your direct referrals per month.  For each referral that is passed up the enroller earns $25 and the enroller’s enroller earns $20.  This is paid monthly too.  These earnings just keep on increasing each month as your referrals multiply.

The cost of the Val Smyth program is $89.95 per month.  You will be able to pay with a credit card or debit card.  No payment will be due until after Jan 15.

I have started a Team Build for the Val Smyth program.  Each member of the Team Build will receive 2 referrals in NIL order.  This will be time stamped.  You will have the option of joining the Team Link or the Team Build.  You can lock in your position here:


Union Cycler is a new straight line cycler that will be launching on Jan 2 at 10 pm EST.  The cost of each position is $2.50 and you earn 200% when you cycle.

The cycler uses a 3×1 company forced matrix.  It only takes 3 positions to cycle.  When you cycle you earn $5 plus receive a free re-entry back into the line.

The free re-entry only happens on new position purchases.  When your free position cycles you will earn another $5 but will not generate another free re-entry.

Based on this re-entry concept each $2.50 position will end up earning you $10 when it completes all cycling.  This is a very good and well thought out concept.  Too many re-entries just makes the waiting period for people that join later too long.  This will be a good incentive for people to deposit additional funds and purchase new positions.

As a bonus you will receive $2.50 deposited into your account for just creating an account.  This is a bonus.  You will not be able to withdraw unless you deposit $5 or more to purchase new positions.

When the program launches you will be able to purchase up to 10 positions on each position purchase.  $25 will be enough funds to cover the cost for 10 positions.


Ulti Cycler is a new Company Forced Matrix Subscription Program that is similar to Unison Wealth.  There are some differences but the basic subscription concept is the same.

In Unison Wealth I have been withdrawing between $100 to $300 daily.   These withdrawals are taking place daily.  I will be doing the same strategy with this program.  Everyone that joins our team will receive the exact same strategy that I will be using.

Ulti Cycler uses a 5×1 Company Forced Matrix and there are only 3 matrices to cycle.   Each day $3 will be taken from your Subscription Balance and will be used to purchase you a Level 1 position in the Company Forced Matrix.  Each position will earn $109 in cycling commissions.

The cost per subscription is $50.  $45 will be placed in your Subscription Balance.  There will be enough funds in your Subscription Balance to last 15 or more days.  As you are cycling more funds will automatically be placed in your Subscription Balance.  Your subscriptions can last for a very long time.

There is no need to concern yourself if you run out of funds in your Subscription Balance.  You do not lose your account or your positions.  Your exiting positions will continue to earn.  There is no risk in this program design.

Here is the plan. Each day $3 is deducted from your Subscription Balance and used to purchase a position into Level 1.

Look at what happens when you cycle each level…

Level 1
$3 is placed in your Cash Balance.
$3 is placed in your Subscription Balance.
You receive a position in Level 2.

Level 2
$6 is placed in your Cash Balance.
$6 is placed in your Subscription Balance.
$3 matching bonus to your sponsor.
You receive a position in Level 3.

Level 3
$100 is placed in your Cash Balance.
$30 is placed in your Subscription Balance.
$20 matching bonus to your sponsor.

As you can see from the above plan you earn in your Cash Balance and receive additional funds to your Subscription Balance.   This can keep your subscriptions running for a very long time.  Since you earn $109 for each position that can be a lot of earnings with this program.


That is all for now and look forward to my next update.

Daily News for Dec 24

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