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Welcome to the Income Club Blog

Here you will find discussion on the latest income opportunities. This includes Daily Industry News, New Program Launches, Program Reviews and Live Chat. Join our Newsletter and receive the latest updates sent to your email address. The Income Club Blog is updated daily.

Daily News for Dec 17

Cycles247 was scheduled to launch yesterday.  The server had issues and the admin was not able to access the server in order to enable the packages.  The server received a DDOS attack and this was the main cause of the site being slow and causing connection problems with many users.  The admin has been in contact with the hosting company so that a better server can be installed.  The new launch date should be announced very soon.

There is one change that will take place when the site relaunches.  Each payment processor will no longer have a separate line in the cycler so it will not matter what payment processor that you will use for deposits.

Cycles247 is a straight line cycler with 2 lines.  There will be a $10 Line and a $50 Line.  The $10 line is a 3×1 cylers where you earn $20 when you cycle and an entry back into the line.  The $50 line is a 8×1 cycler where you earn $350 when you cycle and an entry back into the line.  This is fully automated.  In order to purchase a position in the $50 Line you need to have at least one position in the $50 Line.


Christmas Cash is a new straight line cycler that will be launching tomorrow at 1 PM EST.  The admin is Sherm Mason and launches a different Christmas program each year.  Last year he launched a regular forced matrix program and this year it is a straight line cycler.

Christmas Cash is a straight line cycler with 2 lines.  This is company forced so no referring is needed.  There will be a $30 Line and a $110 Line.  There are no restrictions or limitations on purchases.

The site is focused around a Christmas theme and navigating through the site will be different than you are used to.  At the present time the only thing you can do is create your account.  I will send an update when it is time to deposit funds.

The $30 Line is known as the Christmas Line.  The cost is $30 per position.  When you cycle you earn $50 plus receive a new entry back into the line to earn again.

The $110 Line is known as the Chimney Line.  The cost is $110 per position.  When you cycle you earn $220 plus receive a new entry back into the line to earn again.

Payza and STP is accepted.

Christmas Cash is getting very popular as more than 3000 members have pre-registered.  The program will launch on Dec 18 at 1 pm EST.


Trinity Lines is a new cyler that launched this week.  I have been watching this program quite carefully and looks like it will have huge potential.  The site is growing slowly and there is still plenty of time to get a good position.

Unlike other cyclers you may only purchase one position.  The cost is a one time payment of $50.  This places you in the first line.

Line 1
- When you cycle you get paid $50.
- You receive a re-entry back into Line 1.
- You receive an entry into Line 2.

Line 2
- When you cycle you get paid $150.
- You receive (2) re-entries back into Line 1.
- You receive an entry into Line 3.

Line 3
- When you cycle you get paid $2350.
- You receive (2) re-entries back into Line 1.

As you can see from the above plan just one position purchase will generate many re-entries.  This will allow you to earn $2550 over and over again.

Trinity Lines accepts STP, Payza, PM and EgoPay.  You may only purchase one position for $50.  The admin is manually adding the positions and you will have your position place in timestamp order on the following day.
Xtreme Pro System is our top 3×2 Company Forced Matrix program.  The program is doing very well and the admin has done a very good job with the program.   There are no forced repurchase rules.  People are repurchasing positions on their own as they trust the admin to deliver a successful long term program.  The cost of each position is $45 and you earn back $300 when you cycle.

Tomorrow will be a special promotion for members that wish to deposit using STP.  Under the current rules members may only purchase 1 position per day.  This will change for tomorrow…

1. The promotion starts Thursday, December 18th at Midnight EST and ends at 7pm EST.

2. You start by purchasing a blogging position using Solid Trust Pay.

3. Once you receive confirmation from XPS that your purchase is approved, either through email or after you see your position show up in your back office you may then immediately purchase another position, wait for confirmation, and continue this process over and over. If you send in another purchase request before being approved, it will be added at the very end of the day.

4. Paypal purchases will not be allowed during this promotion. Paypal will re-open for 1 purchase a day starting Friday. We have a good relationship with Paypal and they are very supportive. However this promotion is simply a better fit with STP.

5. Repurchase requests will be handled AFTER the promotion ends Thursday evening.

6. Solid Trust Pay purchases ONLY during the promotion. Though widely accepted, we understand STP isn’t available everywhere.

There will be many, many, other promotions after automation which we hope to have to have online by Christmas.


Upscale Takeover is planning of reopening deposits tomorrow.  The program launched about 2 weeks ago and paypal was the only payment processor.  Shortly after they launched paypal froze the funds in their account and deposits / withdrawals were closed.

At this point I do not know what the deposit options will be available when they reopen for deposits.  Withdrawals will be done by bank account or debit card transfers.  You will need to supply them with your routing number and account number so they can process a withdrawal.  I do not yet know how they will be collecting this information from the members.  Nor do I know if you will be required to submit a w-8 or w-9 like with most programs that do bank transfers.

They plan to start withdrawals on Friday.  If you have funds in your account you should be able to request a withdrawal when the program opens withdrawals.

One note of caution…  A lot of people have requested refunds or have filed a paypal dispute.  This leaves less people in the program.  In a company forced matrix it takes a lot of daily purchases to sustain the program.  There may not be enough people in the program to sustain these purchases.  It may be best to wait a least a week to see how things progress before depositing additional funds.

That is all for now and look forward to my next update.


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